Frequently Asked Questions

You pay taxes for the state you live in, unless you are in the military.
Yes, we sell a vast portion of our vehicles online and ship them. You can purchase a vehicle online and have them shipped to your address at an additional cost. Please call to get a quote on shipping
Yes, majority of the vehicles qualify for third party warranties. Please call our professional sales staff to check costs on different warranty plans. You can read about our aftermarket products under our aftermarket section.
Yes, you can secure the vehicle with a deposit; however, the deposits are Non-refundable, unless stated otherwise by the dealership.
The Minimum deposit is $1000. The deposit goes towards the purchase price of the vehicle. However, if the full amount is financed through the financial institution, the deposit will be refunded upon receiving the full amount from the institute.
Yes, you can have a third party inspect the vehicle. You can hire a mechanic and send them to our dealership, or you can schedule an appointment with a third-party and we can drop off the car for you. Please call us prior to scheduling a third-party inspection.
Yes, the vehicle at the time of sale comes with 30 days temporary tags.
You should receive your title or plates from us within 2-3 weeks from the date of sale. You will be given 30-days tags in the meantime.
Yes, you can trade your vehicle even if you owe money on it. Based on the appraisal, the value turns into equity or negative equity. Please call to discuss details.
If all documents are complete, your vehicle is paid off between 10-15 days after the sale date.
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